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Around 9:27pm on December 23, 2015 our lives changed forever.  That was the day that we endured the devastating loss of our son, our miracle baby, Marcus Edward Haney.  His life ended tragically as a result of a single car accident in which he was the passenger.  It was a tragedy that should have never occurred, but it did.  He was only 20 years old.  We were, and still are, heartbroken and miss him horribly…but my wife Diana and I have a solid marriage that is centered/focused on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We WILL NOT be broken and God will be honored through this tragedy.

On December 30th, 2015 we celebrated his life with over 600 of our closest friends & family, with coworkers, with people that we didn’t even know but that knew, or knew of, Marcus.  The service was led by Alex Hall, who was his youth pastor, and many family and friends shared their favorite stories/memories. It was a tearjerker, but it was perfect.  Marcus’ heart and his love for the Lord and people shined BRIGHT… that is what we wanted everybody to remember…. that was our son!!!!

We WILL NOT be broken and God will be honored through this tragedy.

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Rather than sending flowers, we asked that if people wanted to truly honor Marcus and what was important to him (he hated flowers) we requested that people send a donation to StoneBridge Christian Church in Omaha, NE attention the Marcus Haney Memorial Fund.  All money received would be used to fund mission trips, youth group events, and youth group conferences for those youth that couldn’t afford to pay for them. Marcus LOVED his youth group and was always inviting people to attend with him and a lot of who he had become was a result of his youth pastor, the kids in the youth group and the activities that they all did together. He went to CIY (www.ciy.com), to OASIS (oasisconference.org), to Joplin to help pick up after a horrific tornado wiped the town out, to the Pine Ridge Indian reservation in South Dakota to help minister to children and assist with projects, and many other amazing trips. 

 Our prayer was that we could raise so much money that no kid would ever miss out on these types of opportunities if they wanted to go. We felt THAT would honor our son’s memory.  This is where p4:13 Ministries, Inc. comes into play.  The outpouring of love for our son and for our family was so great, that we far exceeded any expectations we could have had.  The generosity shown by so many through the donations given to the Marcus Haney Memorial Fund was so amazing, we decided God must have more in mind.  So after a lot of crying, prayer and discussion, we decided to create a nonprofit organization to carry on Marcus’ memory and to bless those that would never get a chance to know him. 

We chose the name p4:13 for Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.  We chose this because it was Marcus’ favorite verse, his life verse, but we also chose it because we believe it. We believe it with all of our heart!  Now, with your help, we are going to share it with anybody who is willing to listen.  We are going to honor God and Marcus with every dollar given for as long as possible. 

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”—Philippians 4:13

Thank you for your prayers and generosity… they are greatly appreciated and will help this ministry do God’s will.  God bless each and every one of you!

Marcus' Story

This is the story of our miracle baby.  His name was Marcus Edward Haney!  It started on June 10th, 1995.  He was born 13 weeks premature with only a 50% chance of survival. He weighed 3 lbs 2.7 ounces and spent the first 6 weeks of his life in the NICU.........


Board of Directors


Chris Haney
President & Co-Chair


Diana Haney
Vice President & Co-Chair


Cindy Cisar


Dennis Odell


Ed Fox


Colleen Schinker


Joe Gerhki

Activities & Outreach Events

To honor God & Marcus, we create a caring community, run outreach events to share the gospel with others, and fund scholarships to expand the horizons of our youth.

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